Month: April 2021

Expert urges people to get vaccinated against the Covid-19

By: Syeda Seerat Swat: Health expert here on Monday urged people to get vaccinated against the Covid-19 as they were better protected than those who were not inoculated. Dr. Rana Jawad, a Pakistani based epidemiologist at the University of Washington and the Chief Executive Officer of Global Health Strategists and Implementers, through an online video link briefed about 15 journalists of Swat. The session was held at Saidu Sharif which was organized by Media Matters for Democracy, Islamabad. During the first half of the session, he enlightened the participants about the latest scientific data and various researches from around...

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Students vow to play role in helping Pakistan tackle climate change

By Fazal Khaliq SWAT: SPS students here on Monday vowed to play their role in taking the country out of climate change and global warming threats by planting more and more trees. They were expressing their views in a plantation campaign at Manyar, organized by SPS college. Students and teachers participated in the campaign by planting saplings. The students said that trees were indispensable for human beings in many ways, one of them was the provision of oxygen. “Unfortunately, people cut trees frequently and especially the lower Swat is almost treeless which is why the environment has become very dirty here,” said Azizullah Khan a student of grade 12, adding that though their college was closed but they came out for the plantation activity. The students said that they would play their role in the ten billion tree plantation campaign started by the PM Imran Khan and would prove it to the entire world. “We are standing with the government and will play active role in making our country clean and green. We will plant trees everywhere to make the billion-tree plantation successful and show it to the world that nothing is impossible,” said Shah Fahad another student who was planting a sapling in the campaign, adding that without trees life is not possible in the world. The students said that the frequent illegal cutting of trees defaced the...

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No electricity: residents in Gut village live in darkness

By Fazal Khaliq SWAT: The residents of scenic Gut Bela village have complained that they have been deprived of the basic facilities including electricity even in this modern era. They were talking to local journalists here regarding the issues faced by them owing to unavailability of electricity in their village. Located in Aka Maroof Bamikhela union council of Swat, Gut Bella is a scenic village and local tourists visit it during the summer season to enjoy natural beauty and pleasant weather. “Our village has about 5,000 residents but we have been deprived of basic facilities including electricity,” said Imranullah,...

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