By Professor Muhammad Ilyas

My mind boggles and fingers shudder

As I write these lines about a crowned terror

You intrigue me and a number of questions arise

Who fathered you? Who groomed you? And who crowned you?

And who were the people clapping hands at the coronation?

A mere glow of light has made you so invincible

Your movements and attacks are so invisible

Like Caesar you came you saw and conquered all

Can any empire claim to have done this before?

I want to know your place of birth

Was it a lab or the lap of Nature?

You lay dormant for Aeons perhaps

Deep, far deep in the snows of Ice age perhaps

You flexed your muscles when snow began to thaw

All this is a guess work as all do know

How long will you tease us out of thought?

Your place of birth was that piece of Earth perhaps

Where China, Mongolia and Russia loom so large

You seem to share your pedigree with Tartars

Genghis Khan, Halaku khan and Tamberlane were your cousins who plagued the earth from end to end

They killed a few millions just a few

How many will you kill is not yet known

What has made you so fierce and wild?

Who will persuade you to become a bit mild?

You have the mind of an unappeasable Tyrant

Can we arrange a table talk to meet your demands?

Calm down a little, O’ wild son of Mother Nature

What has made thee so igneous by nature?

Historians say, “Scratch a Russian and you will find a Tartar”

Can this be said of you too, O’Corona Virus?

Don’t boost of the power you seem to possess

You are weaker than those empires of the West

That granted monopolies for plunder and loot

I must praise your one attribute

You are best at flogging the arrogant and the rude

A rude American said to a Pakistani short in stature

“Small potatoes are hard to peel”

Keep flogging arrogance and pride

To please the hearts and minds indeed

You are less rapacious than kings and queens

Have they forgotten what Virginia did to that innocent color?

Whose lands they annexed with baynets and guns

How many Wahunsunacocks they captured and killed?

Many became victims of white cannibalism

Have they forgotten what East India Company did to the innocent Indians?

Even then they say that Corona is a ruthless killer

No, I adore it and call it QAHHAR the punisher

Real or fake it is being used for another evil order

A myth or a fact it is being used for another cruel order

Professor Muhammad Ilyas

Professor Muhammad Ilyas