By Fazal Khaliq

SWAT:  With a twinkle in her eyes, Ekta an eighth grader expressed her excitement, “Robo-Sapiens is our group name and we are going to display our first ever functional model, based on Arduino platform, in the upcoming expo. We have completed it after working on it for about ten days.”

Ekta Mohan was busy in making a science model as part of her project for the first-ever Arduino expo, in Pakistan, titled “Exhibit Your Stem Talent”, which is going to be held at Swat on November 1st, organized by SKOOL21, Pakistan.

The Robo-Sapiens were working on ‘Automatic Washbasin Water Tap’ project with an objective, to not only save water but also stop the spread of Covid-19 pandemic. “When you put your hands just bellow the water tap, water starts flowing automatically and stops flowing when you remove your hands,” the group said.

Humama Ahmad, Noorul Emaan Khan and Sana Ali are the other members of Robo-Sapiens.


Similarly, a group of boys comprising of Abbas Nasir, Faisal Khan, Noorul Haq and Zahid Siddiqui and known as Alpha was also busy in putting parts on their project with the same idea but with addition to automatic hand wash and drier.

Tech Squad, another group of young boys, was engaged in gluing an Arduino board, infrared sensor and other tools on a water pot, a project for the expo. “Drinking water is an essential asset to save life but the world is facing shortage of it. We have designed an ‘Automatic Water Dispenser’ to save the precious water,” The group said, adding that it would start filling a glass and then stop automatically when water reach up to the brim.

Creative Minds, a group of enthusiastic young girls, was also busy in creating an innovative project – a ‘Smart Dustbin’. “Now, you have no need to touch the dustbin lid, open it and drop the trash into it but it will open its mouth for your trash once you get closer to it,” said Sara Khalid, adding, “We have to avoid touching anything these critical days of Covid-19.”

Janvi Kour and Uroosh Gul are the other members of Creative Minds.

The Innovators, is a group with innovative ideas running in their minds. Muhammad Davood, Idrees Kamal, Muhammad Maaz, Arsalan Khan, Saad Khan and Shahkor Khan in the group were occupied in their ‘Automatic Gas Detector’ project. They said every year many lives were lost due to gas leakage. “The device we are working on, will start sounding alarm after detecting the presence of gases,” they said.


Aysha Mumtaz, Kashmala Qazi and Gulalai Ali belong to a group known as Spark. They were working on ‘Automatic Shoe Cleaner’ as a project for the expo. “Our machine will start cleaning and shining a shoe once a user puts it closer to the brush and will automatically stop when the shoe is removed from it,” said Ayesha Mumtaz, adding that the machine would save time and enable students to look tidy and clean.

Technocrats, a group of passionate young boys, was working on an ‘Automatic Emergency Braking System’ for automobiles aiming to minimize road accidents and save lives.

Various other groups of young avid boys and girls were also actively involved in their projects to showcase them in the upcoming Arduino Expo.