By Professor Muhammad Ilyas

Aeschylus was perhaps the first European playwright who created the violation of the natural moral order of the world and this reaction became the theme of his plays. He was a man of intense religious and patriotic convictions. Temperamentally, he was drawn towards tragedy. He saw that the order of the world was disturbed by man’s immoderate actions and finally he became the victim of his own blindness. His conviction was that human arrogance was the motivating force behind the violation of the natural moral order of the world and the gods always overthrew the arrogant. In his opinion pride and arrogance were the guilty children of the guilty parents.

Arrogance has numerous forms and manifestations. Without Imperialism arrogance cannot exist for a week. Nineteenth century was the age of arrogance. Arrogance loomed large in all the attempts made by the Europeans to conquer and plunder everything and everyone that came to hand in the East and in the West. Anger and arrogance were the weapons used indiscriminately by the Imperialists.

Rudyard Kipling sang the songs of Imperialism so blatantly. Towards the end of nineteenth century arrogance became the order of the day as it assumed the shape of all types of transgression and violation in the twentieth century. British imperialism changed into American imperialism.

Americans are believed to be arrogance incarnate. Years ago, while dealing with the case of Aimal Kansi, Robert Horan, the Fair Far attorney said, “the United States should not pay the Pakistanis two million dollars as they could sell their mothers for just a few thousand dollars.” What a painful and arrogant use of filthy language by an individual whose civilization claims to be one of the most enlightened one in the world. No amount of words could mollify the wounds caused by these unprovoked, irresponsible and uncivilized remarks. The grain speaks and Robert Horan proved to be under the germinative influence of another Robert, one of the hunters William Golding portrayed in his novel ‘Lord of the Flies. ‘This hunter spoke filthier words about the mother pig(Sow) they were pursuing.

Arrogance breeds hatred, prejudice, fear and avarice. Arrogance invariably locks down upon others. A perfect example of this kind of behavior is Donald Trump. He is proud, conceited and complexed. Every American may not be like him. Noam Chomsky is a notable exception. He is kindly, considerate and humane. And there may be many more Americans who have civilized ways of living.

They say there is a Moses for every Pharoe and that Moses has appeared in the form of Coronavirus. This virus is more arrogant and more powerful than American imperialism. It is extremely strong and violent. In the beginning Trump looked down upon the virus and considered it a paltry thing, a nonentity and an ordinary germ. He underestimated Covid-19. Now this coronavirus is the greatest threat Americans are facing. This situation is a real irony of fate. The Super Power that threatened the whole world almost every day has no means to combat this small germ.  Ironically the super power has gained the top most position among the countries infected by this virus. AMERICA IS ONCE AGAIN UNDER ATTACK.

The 9/11 attacks were milder than this one. Trump and his America fail to understand how to put spokes in the virus’s wheel. Americans has stewed in their own juices. They are begging china to come to their help. Trump is suffering the consequences of his rude and arrogant behavior. But the virus is ruthless, cruel, inhuman, merciless and inscrutable. It appears to be saying to the countries of the world, “I have no pity, have no pity, the more u writhe, the more I yearn to crush you.”

Have you ever observed Trump’s manner of speaking? A sane person would never shout like him. He is perhaps the only American President who has humiliated everyone on every occasion. But God has sent Coronavirus to teach him a lesson. His arrogance is being whipped and very harshly. The day is not far away when the world will see him falling at the feet of China to help him out.

God always punishes those who violate the natural moral order of the world. Natural moral order demands harmony and peaceful mutual coexistence. This globe of ours demands goodwill and cultured relationships. America is not the super power. God is the super power. God doesn’t like to see chaos and disorder. God ultimately punishes those who disturb the moral order. A tiny germ has got out of control. No worldly power can leash him. Hopefully this little germ will take pity on the denizens of the earth. Presently, he is fully engaged in teaching the arrogant Americans a lesson. Having done that it will drown itself in the Atlantic Ocean.


Professor Muhammad Ilyas

Professor Muhammad Ilyas