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By Mazullah Khan In Pakistan, three crops of potatoes are cultivated —autumn, spring and summer. Autumn and spring crops are grown in the plains while summer crop is grown in hilly areas of the country. Generally, lack of high quality seed is perhaps the most important single factor reducing its yields. No aspect of potato growing is more important than selection of the best possible seed as the yields are directly related to the quality of seed planted than any other factor. A small quantity of stock seed (4000-5000 MT), is imported annually, which is multiplied in the plain areas...

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By Wafa Hassan (Student of 2nd Semester BS Political Science GPGGC Saidu) In the 21st century economy is considered the religion for any state. Pakistan’s economy is sinking day by day. Question arises here that what measures should be owned by the current government to let the country out of poverty and improve the economic condition of the State. The rupee has been devalued, interest rates have gone up, and inflation has increased. The weak governance of the present and past rulers has contributed in growing militancy, economic turbulence and instability in the country. Pakistan’s economy is under terrible...

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Struggle, Faith and Divine Decrees

By Habib Ullah Escapism has no room in real life. Neither religion nor material knowledge preaches it. Conversely, it is the yardstick for mysticism and worldly success. Many enigmas in the pattern of mysticism are arrayed through it. To compare it with the extrication from time and space would not be wrong. Leonardo da Vinci, Michal Angelo, saint Bistami, Shams of Tabriz, Laila Majnu etc are some of the names still remembered because they were not shackled in the captivity of time and space. They freed their inner selves from the stingy outer stature. The beauty of Yousaf made...

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Orientation for competitive examinations held in Swat

By Fazal Khaliq MINGORA: Speakers here on Saturday said that there was lack of awareness among students for competitive examinations because of which the students’ tendency was more towards medical and engineering fields. They were speaking at an orientation session organised by organized by Paramount Academy for Competitive Exams for competitive examinations, including CSS and PMS. Assistant commissioner Hamid Bunery was the keynote speaker on the occasion who said that hard work and proper guidance were among the few things needed for passing the competitive exams. He briefed the youth on the preparation of written and interview tests and...

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International Women’s Day marked in Swat

By Fazal Khaliq MINGORA:  Educationists and women rights activists here on Friday demanded of the government to give equal weightage and importance to women colleges and other institutions as given to men colleges and educational institutions. They were speaking in a ceremony in the Government Post Graduate Girls College, Saidu Sharif Swat to mark the international women’s day. Teachers, women rights activists and students participated in the event. Speaking at the occasion principal of the college Dr Nargis Ara said that it was high time for the policy makers in the country to devise a proper policy for women...

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May 2021