By Fazal Khaliq

Swat: Civil society members and social activists in Kokaria area visited schools to welcome teachers and students for resuming their routing activities after a six-month lockdown caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

Members of the Parents Teacher Council (PTC) and Advisory Council of Khpal Kaliwal Karwan (KKK) Swat visited the government schools and met teachers as well as students to welcome them back to schools and resuming their teaching learning activities. They advise them to follow the SOPs strictly to prevent spread of the coronavirus.

They showed satisfaction and said that it was a good to see teachers and students for following the SOPs.

“Health comes first and then education because if a student is healthy he can get education. Therefore, all the prescribed SOP’s must be adopted to be safe from any harm,” said Irfan Akbar a PTC member and appreciated the active role of school administration and teachers for adopting the set procedures for protection from Covid19. They also paid cash prizes to the students for following SOPs and announced purchase of new clothes for 20 deserving poor students of the school.

“This one-year closure of the educational institutions has warned that experts must devise new ways for keeping the learning process of the future generations on the go,” said Fazal Maula Zahid, a civil society member while talking to the staff of the school.

The civil society members said that it was a useful experience to visit schools, met students and staff and discussed issues emerging out of the situation caused by Covid19.

Principal of the Government High School Kokarai Mian Shah Said thanked the civil society members for visiting the school. He pointed out that PTC and civil society organizations could play effective role in helping schools to smoothly handle their activities in changed and difficult environment.