By Fazal Khaliq

SWAT: The World Mental Health Day was observed on Saturday with calls for people, particularly students, to consult psychologists to come out of stress caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A function was organised by the department of psychology in the Government Postgraduate Girls College, Saidu Sharif Swat, where the speakers, including psychologists and educationists, pointed out that the Covid-19 pandemic had put negative impact on students’ learning capacity, but with few easy steps they could easily cope with the stress during the pandemic.

The speakers said Covid-19 had disrupted the education system throughout the world causing severe stress among students, especially females.

“We aim to rehabilitate those people who have been mentally affected by Covid-19, particularly students, by training them how to cope with the risky and challenging situation during the pandemic,” Uzma Ilyas, head of the psychology department, said, adding it was responsibility of psychologists to help students minimise stress.

College principal Nargis Ara said the Covid-19 pandemic had serious impact on women whether they were housewives, working women or students because a sense of fear engulfed them when coronavirus swept across the world.

“During the pandemics there is a high need of providing mental health support to women, not only inside houses but also to working women and students in educational institutes,” she said, adding the psychologists must identify the mentally-affected women and help them with mental health support.

Kayenat Rahim, a psychology student, said those students who did not have access to Internet were deprived of online education during the lockdown, and that was why they were stressed. “Students are in dire need of psychological support and this event proved very helpful for us,” she said.